Support Staff Jobs

Take the challenge Elevate your Career

Our talented and passionate support staff is essential to our schools. Our bus drivers, food service assistants, custodians, secretaries, and paraprofessionals are the heartbeat of our district. We realize it takes a dynamic and diverse team to be successful. We are happy to provide professional development and upward mobile programs to help our support staff continue their career growth.

With a renewed sense of growing our own teachers, we proudly offer our current staff the opportunity to apply for our teacher's apprentice program "Okeechobee's Emerging Educators". This program is designed for district staff who have an associate's degree, 60 college credits or higher, and have a desire to become an educator. Through this program, candidates do portfolio-based work in the classroom to obtain their bachelor's degree.

Are you ready to take on a challenging career? Join our team and make a difference in our schools and our students' lives. We encourage you to search our support staff jobs today - the opportunities are endless!

Support Staff Vacancies